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You might have seen them in a promo video, or someone recommending them to you. Maybe a TikTok video made you curious about affiliate marketing. Because Katherine McCutie over here, tells you she just quit her job because she is now making mad money from joining this platform called ‘Legendary Marketer’.


And once I didn’t buy the $2500 training the whole 15 day training turned into fluff and pushy videos telling me this is going to be the best decision of my life.

My Honest review

If you’re anything like me, you hate having to read through someone’s whole story before getting to the info you came for. I’m not going to do that to you. I’ll just tell you right of the bat. I didn’t like my experience with Legendary Marketer. At first I was blown away by the amount of information provided to me for only $7. Then, halfway through the 15 day challenge, they rudely forced their overprized training on me. I literally abended the training because from day 7 or so on, it was just fluff and testimonials. You know, those videos of people who tell you about their lifechanging experience after they joined Legendary Marketer.

Why Should You Trust My Opinion?

I am not an affiliate of Legendary Marketer. Meaning; I don’t gain or loose anything based on your actions after reading my review. When I was looking for honest reviews on them I found a lot of reviews from people who were affiliates of them. Which felt a little counterintuitive. I understand that might come of strange from a literal ‘Affiliate Marketer’ herself. I do have another website where I review items. Here I am, telling you you shouldn’t trust anyone who writes reviews on something they get payed for. But in my mind it’s different because; when you decide to buy an item that I’ve reviewed, I get like, maybe, almost $1 haha. When people decide to purchase the full training of Legendary Marketer, the person who reviewed it and offered it to you, gets over a thousand dollars in commission… Can you see how that, kind of, changes the narrative and intension of the reviewer. When the incentive is that high? yeah.. So that’s that. And that’s my reason why you should trust my review haha.

This Is What I Mean

Like on this website here: www.dreamgrow.com/legendary-marketer-review. This guy has written a  pretty good, ‘honest’ review. But it’s coated in a “It’s a quality training platform you should really, definitely, absolutely try it” kind of vibe. Which is probably because, he, like almost everyone who reviews Legendary Marketer, is their affiliate. (Meaning he makes money of of your subscription to Legendary Marketer). He gives you multiple links to sign up to LM, which to me felt al little, mhe. He, like me, didn’t like the pushiness and high prizes. But he swears by the fact the prizes are actually not even that high, considering everything you get in return. The thing is though, you don’t know what you’re getting for that $2500 investment. They try to convince you, and add to your trust, with those testimonials. These videos are strategically placed throughout the 15 day training to build that trust. And to be honest, I did fall for it. When that offer came, I was almost ready to risk it all. They made it feel like your new future, where making $10,000 dollars a month, was very attainable. I was so close. I even started thinking of ways to pay for it. My ‘personal trainer’, they provided me with, even gave me multiple discounts to get me to come on board. But something didn’t feel right.

Maybe A little Naïve

The thing is, when I started the 15 day challenge for only $7, I was pretty impressed with the amount of information I was getting for such a small price. In hindsight, that was a little naïve of me. I thought ‘Wauw!’ this is really amazing: all this info and a personal trainer who calls me over Zoom every 2 days. I should’ve known better, really. But they kept telling me how much they hate those scams out there who sell a bunch of fluff and how Legendary Marketer isn’t like that. How they prize themselves in being very open, honest and value their high sense of integrity. But once I didn’t buy their $2500 training… The whole 15 day training turned into fluff and pushy videos telling me this is going to be the best decision of my life. To be really honest with you, it started to feel like a pyramid scheme to me. Because not once in those video’s did I hear someone talk about the business they set up through legendary marketing. What I mean by that is; they did however set up a business, but that business was solely relying on the sales they made within legendary marketing. Even the TikTok video that lead me to them, was a girl who was also solely promoting their training.

It Bugs Me

The things that bug me the most about this whole thing are:

  1. I had to blindly trust them to provide me with quality training for the price of a whopping $2500.
  2. Every review I came across was from someone who was affiliated with them. So they would gain a lot of money when you did sign up.
  3. They prize themselves on valuing integrity but then turn around and ambush you with a very overprized training.
  4. I could get a significant discount but ONLY if I purchased it within 24 hours. This was meant to be a “reflection on your ability to act fast in the online atmosphere”… SHADYYYY! If you ask me.
  5. The fact that it’s starting with a $7 training and the next step being a $2500 training, doesn’t feel like a natural, logical upgrade to me.
  6. Your “personal trainer” will get a big commission when you would choose to buy the training. So trusting him was a no go for me too.


I Do Get It

I understand how this works. And I’m not even saying it’s a total scam. Because I do believe that people, who are successful in getting other people to sign up for those trainings, can make a lot of money. And maybe, probably, they also started just like me. Coming across a convincing video, getting all excited to make a lot of money through affiliate marketing. I am not saying it is impossible to achieve online success, otherwise I am wasting my time too.

I just came across another platform that was more focused on getting you started on your own online business. Within a category (niche) that you personally enjoy. Instead of them saying; “come join our team and make thousands of dollars by selling people our training”. They say: “Hey if you’re willing to put in the work, you can follow these steps and you eventually will be successful”. “How successful, relies on your willingness to put in to work. This spoke a lot more to me than really big promises that felt too good to be true anyway. Plus Their training from A to Z is completely free, instead of $2500. Only when you want to use certain extra tools and get extra training, you can upgrade to a monthly subscription for $19 the first month and $49 thereafter. This, to me, felt a lot more organic and real. I do get it, of course you want to make $10,000 a month, but if you want my opinion? I don’t believe the $2500 training from Legendary Marketer is going to get you there.

Final Thoughts

I really hope you found my unbiased opinion helpful and I’m not going to sell you anything.. haha that would be so funny if after this whole review I would say: “hey if you still want to start with their training here is a link”. haha no. Don’t worry. And in closing thoughts, I am not saying Legendary Marketer is a scam. I am just saying it didn’t feel right to me. The whole approach and promises didn’t sit right with me. Plus finding every review to STILL be an affiliated page of them didn’t help. If you are interested in starting a business online and want to learn from a less expensive and less pushy platform you can check out my review of them and decide whether this is more in-line with your expectations and values, Click Here. And if you’re not sure yet if online marketing is for you, I wrote this article that might help you, Click Here.


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