What Is Amazon Associates Affiliate Program About?

Ever heard of Affiliate Marketing? If not, allow me to explain to you what it is. And if you have heard of Affiliate Marketing than skip this part and go straight to title: “Amazon Associates Program Explained“. The best way to describe affiliate marketing would be that it basically means; bringing the right audience to the right product.

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John & Tom

Let me break it down for you. So let’s say John wants to buy a stereo system. First thing John does is google ‘stereo systems’ and he will browse through some of the top rated results. He might narrow down his search to a top 3. He will than probably go on another little google search for reviews from other people who bought one of his top three. This will help him decide which one of his top three stereo systems to pick. He will compare them all and the one that fits his requirements and needs the most, along with the reviews he read will make up his decision.

He might have stumbled upon Tom’s website (one just like this) who reviews stereo systems and writes about them with passion. What if John makes his purchase after clicking on a link that was provided on Tom’s website? Now Tom will get a commission of John’s purchase without John having to pay anything extra. This is how Tom makes is money and this is how affiliate marketing works. How does Amazon’s Associates Program play into this? Read about it under ‘Amazon’s Associates Program Explained’.

Amazon Associates Program Explained

Amazon’s Associates Program is just another name for an Affiliate program. Amazon provides the links that people like Tom, in the story above, use on their website. They get paid when people come to their website and click  link and end up buying anything on amazon. It doesn’t even have to be the actual product they clicked on on Tom’s website. Let’s say John (from the story above) clicks on one of Toms recommended stereo systems and ends up not buying the stereo but did remember he needed new socks and ends up buying socks instead, Tom will still get his commission, probably a lot less than when John would’ve bought the stereo but Tom still get’s payed.


Tom has a website with a niche in ‘Stereo Systems’. I, myself have 2 websites; this one with a niche about ‘mmo’ (make money online) and this other one about ‘Laser Hair Removal & Skin Care’. Just klick the purple link to have a look. On that website I use Amazon links for all my products. Some I reviews after using them and others I recommend which have really good reviews on amazon. So without having to have used every single item I can still recommend them and list their features etc. A niche is just a fancy word they use in the mmo world for the subject that your website is about. I followed a free training to get my websites all up and running. Without that I would’ve never have known how to get everything set up. It isn’t too difficult but if you don’t know where to start and how to do certain things it will take you a really long time to get your online business off the ground. If you’d like to try and set up your own website or blog about something you’re passionate about just Click Here and follow that free training.

Don’t Get Scammed

There are a lot of other websites out there or people claiming they have found ‘The Secret to Online Success’… They haven’t and don’t get tempted to buy their overpriced training. The information is out there, for free, you just need to know where to look. Count yourself lucky that you have stumbled upon my website and are now on the RIGHT SIDE of the mmo world. I think 98% of the mmo world exists off overpriced training offers and bullshizz promises like; follow our guide and make 10,000 your first month bla bla. Try to avoid anything that sounds too good to be true. And don’t be fooled, they can get really nifty and suck you in and before you know it you’re considering buying their $3000 training. It happened to me. To read the full story about the time I almost payed a $2,500 training Click Here.

Working From Anywhere, Any time

Being able to work from anywhere at any time that suits me is really the best decision I’ve ever made. Oh and NOT paying a bunch of money for a training, that’s the second best decision haha. My situation might be super different from yours but that doesn’t mean that affiliate marketing isn’t for you.

Because of my auto-immuun disease I can’t work a normal job, so setting up my own business where I am my own boss is the only way I can work really. Never having to call in sick, stressing about when I’ll be fired for calling in sick too often. The stress making my illness worse and not being able to even leave my bed as a result. This was my life before starting my own online business. Now I still don’t leave my bed very often haha, but I don’t stress about my boss getting angry at me or stress about loosing my job. I make my own hours and when my pain is too much I just sit back and watch some Netflix and take my medication.

All I’m trying to say is, even if you’re not chronically ill and do have a job, affiliate marketing can still be something for you. You can start this as a side hustle and then when it starts to take off and starts earning you enough money you can quit your other job and solely focus on your online business.

Start Your Free Online Training & Create Your Own Online Business


I hope I explained how Amazon’s Associates Program works well enough and you might even started that free training. The thing is, with a free training there is no loss. If you decide halfway in that affiliate marketing isn’t for you you can just quit the raining without having invested in it like with most. And I guarantee you will love the training. It’s done in a very down to earth way, created by these two guys who figured out a real way to make money online and can be done by literally anyone. Just follow the easy steps and keep being persistent with your work and within a year you could maybe quit your other job and finally own your own business!

X- Iris G.

2 thoughts on “What Is Amazon Associates Affiliate Program About?”

  1. Hi Iris, being able to work from anywhere n the world and be your own boss, is the ideal situation for many people. The Amazon Associates Program works well for me when I want to research and promote specific products for my niche. It is just such a pity that their commission rates are so low. And getting training has certainly helped me to get better at affiliate marketing and creating content. All the best in your training and online journey.

    • Yes so sad the commissions have been cut last year, you are so right, I am still looking for better affiliate programs, what niche do you have? I use the Amazon Associates Program for my other website about laser hair removal and skincare. I’d love to visit your website too!:)

      Thank you so much for your message, I hope to return the favor to you:) How long have you been building your website? I am in month 2 on this website and month 3 with other one.

      hope you have a lovely day!

      X- Iris G.


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