What Is All In One SEO?

All in One SEO is a plug-in used for (WordPress) websites to help the creator optimize the visibility within search engines. Ok that’s pretty much it, thank you for coming to my website haha, jokes. But to be fair, that is pretty much the gist. This plug will show you a score for every post/page. This score is made up from a few factors, I will discus them below.

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All In One SEO Score

  • Sentence length
  • Paragraph length
  • Post Titel length
  • Meta Description
  • Content length
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Addition of images
  • Passive voice
  • Transition words
  • Consecutive sentences
  • Subheading distribution
  • Flesch Reading Ease

Some of these might not make sense right away so let me explain.

Sentence Length

Make sure your sentences aren’t too long. You want to make your content te be easy to read and not too complicated. Short clear sentences well help you with that.

Paragraph Length

Big blocks of text are a big turn of for your readers. Not only the use of titles and images will liven up your post, not making your paragraphs too long will really help the visitors experience. Heaving a clear and easy to read lay out will enhance the readers satisfaction and more likely to keep reading your whole post, not just the start of it.

Post Title length

Not only the use of key words in your title will help your content rank better in search engines, also the length of the text will help too. Having a shorter title can sometimes not be descriptive enough. You want your title to be informative and inviting so people want to click on it.

Meta Description

This you will find at the bottom of your post when you install the All in One SEO plug in. This 160 character description will show under your post title when people search anything relevant to your post subject. This will help people get an idea of your content. You want to make this small piece of text as clear and informative as possible. You also want to make it inviting so people will want to click on it.

Content Length

This one speaks for itself but just to be clear; you want your content to be at least a 1000 words minimum. Anything longer than that is fine as long as you keep your post’s layout clear and easy to read. You don’t want your post to be too long because you can maybe run the risk of losing your audience because it is quite hard to maintain your readers attention.

Internal Links

When writing a post/article, one of the factors of the All in One SEO score is the use of internal links. I always use a few in any post either to send the reader off to a post explaining another aspect of a subject because I don’t want to explain that particular subject in that post while I already have a whole entire post written about that subject. I also use a picture with a link attached of myself so that when people want to get to know me a bit more they can click on that link and the will be taken to my ‘about me’ page. Like I did earlier on in my post:)

Eternal Links

You can either use your affiliate links for your external links or if you’ve found a helpful website or video you can also attach these to help your reader even further. I normally use most of my external links as my affiliate links and this also will help you get your SEO score up.

Addition of Images

To enhance the readability of your content you definitely want to use some pictures here and there to keep it entertaining and fun to read your content. People are very visually set and will be far more engaged with your content when it’s more than just text.


Passive Voice

The SEO plug in doesn’t like it when you use too much of a passive voice in you content. Maybe it is because people like to read more of a here and now kind of content instead of what has happend. I find that in product reviews I tend to use more of a passive voice but I try to keep it as current as possible. All these different aspects of the SEO score are there to help you write content people want to read and want to engage in. So try to keep your story as current as possible and your SEO score will go up.


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Transition Words

The SEO plug in also likes it when you use transition words. Here’s a list of transition words you might want to use in your content to not only crank up your SEO score but also enhance your content’s readability and overall reader’s experience.

  1. Therefore
  2. Because of this
  3. Before
  4. Similarly
  5. Since
  6. Yet
  7. Besides
  8. Briefly
  9. But
  10. Consequently
  11. Another
  12. Or
  13. Second
  14. Presently
  15. Hence
  16. However
  17. In addition
  18. In conclusion
  19. Finally
  20. As a result
  21. As soon as
  22. Accordingly
  23. To illustrate
  24. To repeat
  25. To sum up
  26. Actually
  27. In spite of this
  28. In summery
  29. Soon
  30. Still
  31. subsequently
  32. Also
  33. And
  34. Third
  35. Least
  36. Last
  37. Therafter
  38. Afterward
  39. Last of all
  40. At last
  41. At length

Consecutive sentences

In short this means you shouldn’t start every sentence with the same word. I sometimes have this happen when I use the word ‘I’ at the start of a few sentences that follow each other. Try to not use the same word at the start of your sentences.

Subheading distribution

Make sure to use subheading throughout your content, what this means is make descriptive sub titles throughout your text so make it easier to read for your visitor.

Flesch Reading Ease

This score measures the readability of your whole text. I think when you pay attention to all the SEO score indicators you’ve just read and write your text accordingly, your score will come out to be between 93% – 100% And that’s where you want your score to end up.

Did I help?

I hope this post has helped you understand this All in One SEO plug in and I highly recommend you use this plug in on your website. Not yet have website? I advice you to start with this free training I found and also followed myself. I really loved the training and the community on there is very welcoming and helpful. So Start Your Free Training Today and you will thank me later:)

X- Iris G.

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