What is Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing is basically bringing the right kind of audience (buyers) to the right kind of products. Let me brake it down for you. Let’s say John is looking for a new laptop and starts his laptop hunt on the internet. He has narrowed it down to two different laptops that fit his want and needs. He might want to read some reviews on those two laptops, to get a better idea of which one he will eventually buy. He will type in a question with the name of the laptop etc. He will then click on one or more of what came up after his (google) search. By creating a website, like I did (right here) targeting a certain product; you’re building a space where people will come to for information, reviews an/or advice. Let’s say I chose the niche “Laptops”, and John finds my website after his (google) search. Let’s say he finally made up his mind about which laptop to buy after reading my review. And because my website offers him a link to Amazon anyways, he ends up buying his laptop by clicking on the link or maybe even the actual laptop he was going to buy anyways. This purchase was made through “my hypothetical website” and I now would get a commission of that sale, without John having to pay anything extra.

So what my hypothetical website just did for John, was bringing the right kind of audience (John) to the right kind of product (the Laptop). Not just John might be wondering about which laptop to buy, there are thousands, millions of people who are looking for more information and/or reviews on products before they actually buy it.

So there you have it, affiliate Marketing explained. To teach you how to do this and offer you assistance and helpful tools, you can go to this FREE Training Platform to get you started on becoming your very own Affiliate Marketer:)

Do’s & Don’ts in Affiliate marketing

With affiliate Marketing it’s all about creating trust between you and your audience. Without that you won’t get those clicks and won’t make any money. Make sure your English is correct and your tone is inviting and amusing. English isn’t my first language but I try to make my content grammatically correct and it’s not the end of the world if I sometimes misspell something but the majority of your content should be well written. What you don’t want to do is trying to convince your audience too much. You will be perceived as pushy and annoying and people don’t like that. Rather just review certain products within your niche and offer additional information. People will always want to know a little bit more about the products they’re already planning to buy. This also means you don’t have to convince your audience, they are already planning on buying, they just wanted some more information and/or read relevent reviews.



You also don’t want to come across too cold and only factual. Your style of writing should be inviting and amusing so people will stick around and hopefully click on a link of the product you’re talking about. Or maybe it’s a service you’re reviewing. Nowadays people have very short attention spans and are used to getting quick satisfaction from all those apps out there giving them instant gratification. So chances are large pieces of boring text will never do well when you’re trying to connect with your target audience. You want to build a trust and likability with them.

The Best of the Best

I truly recommend you try out this training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. They offer their whole training for FREE which I found incredible. I was looking for the best training platform out there and was so shocked about how much most of them ask for a training. 1, Not everyone has hundreds or thousands ready to invest. Let me rephrase that; Almost NO ONE has that kind of money to start out with. I guess still a lot of people do because these training platforms keep existing and making a lot of money while the exact same information is out there for free. So finding Wealthy Affiliate was like finding gold haha, because I bet a lot of people want to start a training without any investments. This gives them the chance to see if it’s even something they want to do. What if you pay $2500 for a training and halfway through you don’t like it and don’t want to do this with your life… that’s $2500 gone.

Start Here

I’d recommend you start for Free Here and when you’re done with the training or maybe halfway through you feel like this is really something for you, you can upgrade to a Premium Membership. A premium membership is only $19 to start and $49 every month there after. I personally think it’s more than worth it for what you get in return. You get 10 website domains, 24/7 online technical and training support. You get personal training and have excess to all the tools that will make your chances of success way, way higher. There’s a lot more benefits with being a premium member but I’d suggest to start out with the Free training and see if it’s really something for you. You won’t be out of thousands of dollars but just a little bit of your time.

I really hope to see you on The Training Platform: Wealthy Affiliate, I will welcome you there myself!:)

X- Iris G.

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