Ways To Make Money With Writing

Just the other day I came across a pretty cool platform called ‘Upwork’ where you can make a profile and offer your writing skills for money. As a freelancer you can apply for jobs writing about all sorts of things. I applied for a job for writing about Laser Hair Removal because I have some experience writing about that because I have a blog all about laser hair removal. Check that blog Out Right Here. I couldn’t believe it, I got a job, minutes after setting up my profile. It will pay me $300 for just writing about one of my hobbies, how cool is that. I don’t have any affiliate link from them so I gain absolutely nothing from sharing this with you. I just thought I’m probably not the only one who likes writing and wouldn’t mind making a buck of two off of it.



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How To Get Started

You set up your profile, they will walk you through it really easy step  by step, and then you’ll be brought to their main menu. You can set your preferences so you get job offers that fit your preferred topics and writing level. You just click on a job description and read through the jobs requirements and see if you like it. You can then make an offer by giving them your hourly rate and a cover letter giving them your pitch as to why you would be the right person for the job. Some jobs will have you answer more questions and others just want to know the essentials. Make sure you have some blogposts or articles ready that you’ve written before as reference.

Start Somewhere

If you haven’t yet set up a blog, you can Start For Free Here. Within a few hours or days you’ll know if you got the job you applied for. I’d suggest you apply for a few at the same time, as you might not get every job you apply for. Make sure to pay attention to the writers level they want. I am an entry level as I haven’t been writing articles for that long yet and English is my second language.

Have Fun

Just have a look on that website called Upwork and see what it brings you. You can make it your side-hustle as most of these jobs will only last for a few weeks or months. Let me know when you sign up and what you think of it and if it got you any jobs! I’d love to know:)

This is a nice and short one for today, hope you enjoyed this post and will try out Upwork for yourself;)

X- Iris G.


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