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Maybe you’re looking for a side hustle, or you’re ready to start from scratch and direct yourself into another direction work-wise. Whatever the reason is, you came to the right place. It’s a jungle out there, so many scammers and way overpriced training platforms. They’re all swinging by, more often than not; very loud and busy, trying to scoop you up and swallow you whole. I put my hand up and admit to have been sucked into one of those promo videos before. I would’ve payed $2500 for a training after following along a $7 training challenge of a different training platform. If you’re interested to read more about my experience with that Click Here. 

Online Business Idea’s That Will Actually Make You Money Without It Being A Scam

There are several ways to make money online. I will discuss a few of them below. My preference goas to affiliate marketing because that’s what I chose the pick for my online business venture. But it’s important to choose something that suits your preference because either way, you will have to put in the work to make it into a success. So personally I like writing so I went for affiliate marketing as it involves a lot of content writing, like you see here in this article. But that might not be your forte.

Affiliate Marketing

My number one choice would have to be; the thing I choose to do which is Affiliate Marketing. More specifically through Wealthy Affiliate. They taught me everything I needed to know and do, to become successful at online marketing. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’, I’d suggest you Click Here to read more about it before continuing reading this article. It’ll really help you understand better what I am talking about. In short; affiliate marketing is bringing the right kind of audience to the right kind of product/service. By writing an article such as this one bringing people to the product or service they are  likely going to buy or invest in anyways. What do you do when you’re about to make a larger or new purchase? Yes, exactly, you Google it first. You might want to read some reviews about a product or service. Or you want to gain some more information about the thing you were looking to buy, by comparing a few of the same items. Because people like me write content like this, we write informative content to help other people make their decision on what or whether to buy that particular item or service.


It’s similar as having an online store except you don’t handle the actual product at all. You don’t make it, nor ship it or store it. You’re just a middle man. Drop-shipping is getting more and more popular everyday. You produce a “brand” and handle it’s exposure. You can sell your chosen product on Amazon or other large well known selling platforms.

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Writing Content For Others

I always advise against this type of online money making. Why you ask? Well if you are good at writing original content, why would you work for someone else and make them lot’s of money while you can do it yourself. Sure you’ll get instant money in return when you write for someone else but your content will be used on a website where the owner is making a lot of money off of it while you could be using you own skills to do the same. So I’d recommend to follow this free training. Then you’ll have all the knowledge on how to get started and make money with content writing.

Start a Blog

similar to affiliate marketing. You write about a topic you find interesting or maybe you’re a social media influencer and you can write about yourself. Write about the make up you use or the clothes you wear. And if you’re not a public figure, you could blog about other topics you might share an interest with like; fitness, health, food, skin care etc. The way you make money of off this is in the same way that affiliate marketing works. You use affiliate links for the products you’re blogging about.

Create an Online Course

Maybe you’ve just finished a degree in personal training or have tons of experience in a certain field. Let’s say you used to be a dietiscian but wanted to find a new way to make money instead of seeing people every week for their appointment. With your knowledge of diets and food you could write a diet plan, maybe even make it a book and you can sell your knowledge in that way. Maybe you’ve been a CEO for 30 something years and know a lot about how to manage a successful business and you decide to share this knowledge through an online course that can sell itself over and over again; creating a passive income for you. People will always want to spend their money on knowledge, don’t underestimate that fact. If you have more than usual knowledge of a certain topic, share it with the world and make yourself some $$$.

Did I help?

I hope this article has helped you get started on your (maybe) first ever online business. I will personally come by and welcome you on that training platform; Wealthy Affiliate & help you through the whole training process whenever you need any guidance or have any questions. The community on there is very helpful too. You’ll notice, right away, what an amazing family dynamic it is on there and everyone is ready the lend you a helping and encouraging hand:) I love it on there and truly recommend it even though I understand you might think my judgement is somewhat biased. I hope you will make that first step and start your FREE training to see what I’m talking about. And then when you’re halfway through the training and don’t like it you’ve only lost some time but none of your money. I think that’s a pretty good deal, what do you think?

Thank You

Tell me in the comments down below if you have any thoughts on this article or if you have any questions whatsoever. I will also,  like I said, be there on WA to help you with everything you need and get you through any obstacle you might run into. I do have to say the training is really really easy to follow. I was completely new to the whole concept of online marketing too. But even I sometimes skipped a few steps since I’d already done them because it’s a very self explanatory process once you’ve started:)

Hope to see you soon on Wealthy Affiliate and let’s get you started on creaating a new future for yourself, one with more freedom and financial independency!

X- Iris G.

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