Online Side Hustles For College Students

Every college student needs money but is slammed with schoolwork. So how can you make some money on the side while also studying for all those endless exams? I have the solution and it will only take you an hour a day or every other day. Just by creating some simple and easy to read content you can earn a nice bit of extra money. That hour a day you’ll put in will convert into actual dollars over and over again. Literally everyone can do this so don’t worry about that. Just pick out a subject or product you’re going to write about and make sure to include affiliate links in your articles.

This way of online marketing is called ‘Affiliate Marketing’ and I found a really great and easy to follow training Right Here.


Here, let me show you: I’ve set up a website all about laser hair removal and skin care. I love both and use all the products I mention and review. This way I want to help people find the best skin care and a great laser tool to get hairless. Have a look on that website ( to see how I made that work.

That website earns me money through the links I’ve put all over every page. When you’re reading about a product you can just click on the product image and it will automatically take you to that product on Amazon. Once you’ve checked out and paid for your items, I will get a small percentage of that sale.

One article about one or more products can and will earn me money over and over again. So just by creating one article I’ve managed to produce a recurring source of income.

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Your Goal

Your goal is to help people. Think about your own behavior on the internet;  you go to google because you have a question right? So when you’re writing an article your main focus should be to answer a certain question. This way your article will be found when people type in that question and your article will serve as an answer. You want to create content that will make you money so besides focusing on answering a question, also think of a way to make money off of your visitors.

Make sure to build trust before you start to sell”

Make sure to do it tastefully. Don’t rub your affiliate links in your visitors face, right when they stumble onto your web page. Try to incorporate them organically. When your content feels too sales-y people will be turned off by that and leave your website without clicking on any link.

Build Trust

Make sure to build trust before you start to sell. By introducing yourself and answering the question your visitor came for, you’re establishing trust between you and the visitor. A visitor is more likely to click on a link after or while reading a piece of content that feels comfortable and trustworthy to them. I hope I’ve done that in this article. I won’t know until after I publish my content. Don’t worry too much about it and make sure to have some fun with it as well. Nobody likes to read boring long pieces of text so as long as you’re making your content easy and fun to read you’re doing a great job.

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Quality over Quantity

It’s good to produce a lot of content, maybe you’re even able to publish one article per website per day. As long as you’re producing quality content you’re on the right track. But if you’re just publishing quick and messy content you’ll end up wasting your time because you’re not converting anything into money. People will click away your content because it’s not up to their standards. Keep your focus on helping people and answering their question instead of just putting out content.


I hope this article has helped you find a new and easier way to make money online and make sure to leave any additional questions in the comment section below! Have a little browse around on here to learn more about Affiliate Marketing or just Click Here to start your free online training. This training is the same one I followed and I started to make money while still following along with the training. It took me about 2 months to see my first few dollars come in and it’s been growing ever since. Sounds cheesy but if I can do it, no doubt in my mind that you can do it too!

X- Iris G.

4 thoughts on “Online Side Hustles For College Students”

  1. I just finished college so congrats to me. This article would have come in handy though. I was always looking for ways to make money while I was going to school. I still have a few friends and family who are still in college and are looking for ways to make money. I will be sure to share this article with them 

    • Hey, congratulations! That would be amazing if you share my post, I think this is such a great side hustle for students. I love how easy it is and how you’re your own boss so you can divide your time yourself:)

      Thank you so much for your message!

      X Iris G

  2. Hi Iris. Getting started with affiliate marketing when we are at college is convenient. I love writing articles. And I have to frequently turn in essays. So I would incorporate my content creation into my workflow easily. I always focus on quality. It is just the way I seem to be wired.

    • That is great Paolo that you can use your work for school and your work. Thank you so much for your message and I hope you have a lovely day!

      X Iris G.


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