My Own Experience With Affiliate Marketing

I’ve talked about my experience with affiliate marketing in several of my posts but I’ve dedicated one entire post to this topic before, so here we go. I am fairly new to Affiliate marketing, or any online marketing for that matter. Why I started looking for this kind of work is a result from my auto immuun disease completely debilitating me completely. This made me incapable to do any sort of work outside of my house or bed for that matter. I fell ill about a year ago and had to quit my job and was bed bound ever since. I am in constant pain and have to take quite a lot of medication. Whenever I use pictures of myself on this website they are from either a long time ago or whenever I wear a lot of make up, to hide the *Illness*.

Free Online Affiliate Training

I Want To Work

So desperate to find a way to make money I started looking into online marketing and landed on affiliate marketing. After some hiccups and almost paying way too much money for an online training, I finally found a great training platform. This platform is down to earth and has created a really helpful and motivating community. Everyone on there is ready to lend a helping hand to anyone new. For me it felt like walking into a surprise party where everyone was there for me and wanted to come say hi. It was/is an experience I’d never had from an online community ever before. If you’re interested in having a look on this platform yourself just Click Here:) Their training is free, from start to finish so don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you anything haha.

My Websites

I first started a website called: and then I created this one to help other people find a real and honest training platform. There are so many scams out there that I wanted to create a space on the internet where people could come as a starter and trust the person and the platform they were getting their information from.

I’m A Newbie Too

I’ve only been doing this for three months now (09-26-’21) and I love working from home and not having to work for a boss. It doesn’t all just come easy breezy though, I am not making thousands of dollars yet. Big emphasis on YET, I know where this can take me if I stick with it and  keep working so that is what I will do. When you follow the steps of that training I keep talking about they say that in time success is inevitable. I have set my heart on that so I will keep working till  and even when I reach my goal, I will keep on working to hopefully one day be financially free, for ever.

Let Me Be Your Honest And Reliable Source Of Information

I want to be that guide or first contact for people who are trying to also start their journey in the online money making world. There are so many unreliable sources out here on the world wide web, I want to create a space where genuine people find a genuine start to their online careers. I guarantee you will love Wealthy Affiliate, which is the platform I get all my training from and also all the tools and tips on how to make your online business successful. They don’t make false unreachable promises like; you’ll make 10,000 dollars in your first month when you join our team bla bla. They have a very real and hones approach to their training and their platform and I find that very trustworthy and reliable.

Nice To Meet You, Please Leave A message Down Below!

I really hope you have found my website before getting involved into any scam or a way overpriced training. The information is out here for free, don’t get tricked into paying top dollar for it. You just need to know where to look and you my friend have found the right side of the internet now! So you can relax, sit back, oh wait nom don’t sit back; get to work and make that money!!

Hope you come say hi in the comments down below, and please do ask any questions you might have, surrounding this topic. I am always happy to answer any questions but also love to hear about your experience with the online marketing world. tell me your story, I want to know!

X- Iris G.

4 thoughts on “My Own Experience With Affiliate Marketing”

  1. What Do you do after following the free training? Will I have a website and can I earn money from that website? And how much does it cost the own a website?

    • Hi Lucy,

      Thank you so much for your message.
      What I did after, or actually during my training is; I went premium on that WA platform. A Premium Membership will offer you a lot of extra’s and handy tools to help you launch your business and really help you get a lot faster to your goals. When you go premium you also get 10 websites so you can start building out your online business and by using those affiliate links will end up make you a lot of money if you keep following those rules and steps in the training. To own a website it’s only about $14 Per YEAR, so that’s basically nothing haha.

      I hope this helped Lucy and if you have any other questions, please let me know!:)

      X- Iris G.

  2. Great website, Iris! I love affiliate marketing. It’s a perfect way to create a win-win situation. Keep up the good work 😁👌


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