MCAS Autoimmune Disease

The reason I started my online businesses is because I have an autoimmune disease called MCAS. MCAS stands for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. It can have very different effects on different people. In my case the over active mast cells are located in my digestive tract and causes me a lot of physical pain.

A Normal Job Just Isn’t A Possibility For Me

I tried working normal jobs for 28 years. After getting fired from every job because of my illness and having to call in sick way too many times I gave up. I just knew I couldn’t go on like this. Working a normal job even in an office where you can sit most of the time wasn’t achievable for me. The pain would always get the better of me and concentrating on a job while being in pain or on pain meds just wasn’t doable.

I ended up back home where I am laying in bed all day with debilitating pain and it cost me my income and my marriage. I lost everything and I couldn’t rely on myself to go out ad get a job to sustain myself. This lead me to affiliate marketing.

Hey, this is me, Iris G. From looking at me you’d never know I have a chronic illness and crippling daily pain. But sadly that IS the reality even if you can’t see it.

Then I Found Affiliate Marketing

One day I stumbled upon an ad that lead me to a 15 day challenge type of thing that explained how affiliate marketing actually works. Halfway through that ‘course’ they wanted me to pay $2500 for their actual training. And as you probably already guessed, I didn’t have any money so I couldn’t go through with that. I was still very intrigued by this affiliate marketing business so I started to google around and stumbled op un a free training platform that literally saved my life.

I Almost Gave Up

I was on the verge of giving up on life. I lost my home my husband and had to move from the US back home to the Netherlands. I am laying in bed all day every day in my mother’s house. She still cares for me and does everything for me. But as you can imagine I felt horrible just laying there day in day out with nothing else to do but be in pain. I didn’t see the point in living anymore. My life was nothing. Just laying there, watching Netflix and taking heavy pain meds to get through the day.

It Saved My Life

Then when I found affiliate marketing and that free training on Wealthy Affiliate, I suddenly had something to do, something to look forward to when I woke up. I got a sense of purpose back into my life again and a sense of achievement. This also is a testament to the community on that platform. They are all so nice and welcoming, it truly feels like a little online family on there. Their entire training is free and when you have any question you can post it on there and you will get a respons within minutes.

I have never followed through with anything in my life before. It would always get too complicated and being in pain is a hard enough job as it is. But this training was so easy to follow and my questions get answered so quickly that I never get stuck ever.

I Am Not Trying To Sell Anything

I am not trying to sell you anything even though it might come off that way a little. I just know how much joy and purpose this job has given back into my own life and I know it can do the same for so many people who are stuck at home due to a chronic illness like me. You’re your own boss so if you have a bad day or a flareup you just take some rest and there are no deadlines or bosses that you have to work for.

Click On Me:)

If I Can Do It So Can You

I honestly and truly hope this post will find the right people who are in a similar position as me and I know you want to work. I know you want to provide for yourself and maybe your family, if you have one. I know how hard it is to want to work but your body just not cooperating. And I’m always here to lend a helping hand or to listen to your unique story, if you want to share it of course.

Let’s take back our lives and build an online business that will bring you so much joy, fulfillment and money. You just need a laptop and determination. But if you’re reading this, I already know you have that fighting power in you. You are fighting a battle every day, just like me. And if I can do this with being in so much pain, I know that you can do this too!

X Iris G.

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