Jobs For People With A Chronic Illness

Hi, It’s me; Iris G. Owner and Creator of this website. I started my online business because I have a chronic illness. I am in constant pain and have to take more pills than I can count, every day. I’ve had my better moments, and in those moments I’ve always tried to hold down a “normal” job but always failed because of the pain. I frequently had to go home sick or call in sick and eventually every boss or manager would come to the same conclusion; ‘we have to let you go, not because you’re not good at your job but because you are sick way too often and we can’t count on you’. It hurt every single time. Even though the last few jobs I should’ve definitely known better. But I’ve always wanted to make my OWN money so so bad that I would try the whole ‘job thing’ over and over again. Then I found Affiliate Marketing, and everything changed.

When you see me like this it’s hard to believe I have a chronic illness. These professional pictures were taken right before I got really sick. I now lay in bed and think back to those days I wasn’t as ill yet…


Now I work From Home, From My Bed:)

Finding a platform that was free and offered quality training was hard to find but after some research and failed attempts I finally found it! I often think about why I didn’t try this online marketing thing sooner, but how could I have known? I didn’t think I could set up an online business like this all by my self. I didn’t know it would be this easy. And to be honest, without the help of that platform and their training it would have been too complicated for sure. Their training made it so easy, just following along, step by step and trusting the process brought me here! And now you are reading this and maybe you are in the same position I’m in. Maybe you were looking to find a way to make money while not leaving the house and not working for a boss. And now you’re here it’s safe to say you’ve  found the right side of the online marketing world. I an not trying to sell you thousands of dollars worth of training and there won’t be any surprises when you sign up either. Now you can start a new life, working for yourself. If you have a bad day or a flare up, just sit back and relax (as much as that’s possible) and don’t worry about having to call in sick. You work for you now, and you will understand when you’re having a bad day and need to take a rest.

Start A Better Future, For You & Your Family!

How to start

But how do you start? Of course I could send you on your merry way and tell you to just click on the purple link above, and start your online (free) training. I could do that and maybe some of you will. But I also want to be here for you as a sort of guide for the ride.. haha… I’ll let myself out…

Anyhow, I want to be there for you every step of the way, whenever you have any questions or need some guidance. I’ve run into plenty of questions when I first started out.

I have to say this platform I talk about, called: Wealthy Affiliate, has a great community that’s always ready to lend a helping hand. Every time I had a question I would just post it on there and within minutes I’d have like 5 answers. It made it impossible for me to get stuck in my training and/or procrastinate.

I have never followed through with any new thing I’ve started. This is the first time I have a job where I can’t be fired from and I thank my lucky stars. But more so, I thank Wealthy affiliate, they are the ones who created such an amazing platform with really easy to follow training, especiallyfor beginners. I know all this maybe sounds a little too ‘Sales Pitchy’ but I’m genuinely so excited about this training platform. As a chronic ill individual I don’t see or interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. But starting my training on Wealthy Affiliate felt like walking into a surprise party, haha. I mean it! Everyone on there is so nice and so available to help and encourage you, I’ve never experienced anything like it, honestly.


If you don’t want to start the training just yet and want to stay on here to figure out if this ‘Affiliate Marketing training’ is even something for you, then keep reading friend:).

I will go over some essentials with you to give you a feel of what to expect and you can decide afterwards if you’re ready to start the training. All the steps are clear and easy to follow, so don’t worry, even if you’re not great with computers, you will be able to follow along, easy peasy.

Step 1

First thing I want you to understand is that literally anyone can achieve success online. That said, it does go hand in hand with hard work and persistence. Step one would also entail a little bit more information about what kind of online business I am actually talking about. I have mentioned it before but you might not know anything about the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’. I wrote a whole article, explaining what this is so if you’re not yet aware of the meaning behind this term, I’d suggest you check out that article Richt Here, so you know what you’re in for;)

Step 2

Secondly I want you to think about how badly you want to achieve success and create an income from home. Knowing how much you’re prepared to work for it is really important before starting this. I also wrote a post about getting into the right mindset, so to check that one out go Right Here.

Knowing if you’re ready to start this new business venture is more important than anything else. Without that drive or willingness to put the work in that’s necessary, you won’t make it. And don’t worry, when I talk about hard work I mainly mean just sticking with the program and following along with every step and not giving up. A lot of people will want the money but won’t work for it. I know you’re a fighter like me because living with a chronic illness is like going onto a battlefield every day. It’s like training for the Olympics while you appear to do nothing. We fight a difficult fight everyday so I know if you’re here reading this you have what it takes to become successful at this.

Step 3

Commitment, like I said at step 2, you need to have the drive to work hard for it and success will be inevitable. Commitment is the third most important thing when starting something new. Keep going, never giving up. Like they say in the training I keep referring to, just follow the steps and commit to it and success will come! If you feel ready to start this free training I’d love to have you on there and I will personally welcome you once you’ve signed up. Don’t worry, signing up and the training are completely free of charge. There are a lot of other platforms out there claiming they have the secret to success and try to sell you their training for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I’m so stoked I can give you all the same information for absolutely free. It gives me a good feeling plus anyone struggling with a chronic illness already has enough medical bills to worry about so investing in an expensive training would never be something we’d be able to do right?

Let’s do this together!

I truly hope to see you on this Wealthy Affiliate platform and have you start your trainging. I can guarantee you, you will love it on there!

Thank you so much for coming to my website and trusting me with helping you start something new. It’s always a little overwhelming and uncertain when you start something new. But I’m here to tell you you can and I will help you and be there for you every step of the way:)

X- Iris G.

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