How To Start An Online Business For Free

Great start! You’ve already taken your first step towards building your own online business by being here:). A lot of people only think about starting an online business but never really take any action. Maybe you’ve seen those videos, TikToks or just random advertisements of hyper energetic guys standing next to a really expensive car or climbing out of a pool, telling you they have the secret to online succes. I’m here to help you avoid those scams and help you make the right kind of decision, when it comes to choosing your training platform. If you also want to read my experience with the free training platform that will come up in this post, you can Click Here to read my review. That post is also a great source of information when it comes to what to expect when you decide to join that same platform that helped me get where I am today.

Affiliate Marketing

The Online Money Making technique that I will be talking about in this post is ‘Affiliate Marketing’. There are hundreds of ways to make money online, so if you had your mind set on a different technique like Drop-shipping or Streaming your games etc. This post won’t help you much haha. But if you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, then keep reading. You might even take it one step further today and sign up to the exact same FREE training platform that coached me in setting up this website. I now earn money through Affiliate Marketing from the comfort of my own home… usually my bed, to be real with you hehe.

“If you take away just one thing from this post, I want it to be this: If anyone tries to convince you that their training or their “secret” program is going to make you rich overnight, run for the f*$king hills my friend! Just like 99% in life, it requires time and effort to get something out of it”  

Hi, it’s me, Iris G. The owner and creator of this website:) I’m so excited you’re here! I really am. Let me know what you think of my website down in the comments…


Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m Iris G. I won’t bore you with my whole life story, but I just wanted to introduce myself as your new online bestie:) For more personal information about me, click on the picture above. I’m going to help you get started with your own online business without trying to sell you crazy deals or provoke you with outrages promises. I’ve seen so many videos of people telling you, “you could make $20,000 dollars in the next month!” And don’t get me wrong, this is definitely achievable (eventually). But they’re either going to ask you for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for their training coarse. Or it’s a scam. I, myself got sucked into one of those when I first started looking into how to make money online.

Don’t Fall for Every Great Pitch

A lot of those videos of the guy or girl, showing off their “wealth” and flashing stacks of money, seem really tempting. And It’s totally normal to be skeptical and to think it all sounds too good to be true, I was too. To be fair there are a lot opportunities to make quite a lot of money online. But make sure to follow the right path or you’ll get sucked into an MMO (make money online) wormhole. You’ll end up spending a bunch of money on information you could’ve gotten for way less. Like for free. If you take away just one thing from this post, I want it to be this: If anyone tries to convince you that their training or their “secret” program is going to make you rich overnight, run for the f*$king hills my friend! Just like 99% in life, it requires time and effort to get something out of it.


Not really interested in my story about the 15 day challenge and just want to know more about how to start your own free website? I gotchu! Scroll down to title: “Better for Less, Let’s Go!”


How I Stumbled Across MMO TikTok & Got Sucked In

I was (still am) pretty new to the whole MMO concept, and that made me an easy target to get sucked into those pitch videos. For me it was a girl much younger than I, talking in a TikTok video about how she makes around $10,000 per month. She made it seem very easy, the way in which she was earning money and I thought; if a 15 year old can do it, I (28 y.o.) must be able to do it too, right? In her TikTok Bio she had a link that led me to a ‘landing page’, where I could choose different kinds of coaching packages to get started. I was obviously still pretty skeptical but also intrigued. There was this one ’15 Day Challenge’ training to set up your own online business for only $7. I was like yep, let’s do it! And if it turns out to be a scam I lost $7, big whoop. Not a big risk right?

The 15 Day Challenge That Ended in a “No Thanks”

So through that TikTok video I ended up purchasing that ’15-Day Business Builder Challenge’ (from Legendary Marketer) and started right away. The Challenge/Training was really inspiring and informative, to an extend. They would explain a certain concept to you, so you would get excited to try it out for yourself. But when it came to them actually explaining to you, step by step how to set it up… they wouldn’t. They kept saying they would get back to it later in the training. So at first I was like, ‘Ok fair enough’. The training was mainly this guy standing behind a desk talking about his achievements and how you can get there too with his training. I did like the overal ‘video style’ of the training. I have the attention span of a 3 year old, so reading large pieces of text has never been my strong suit. Just having to listen to his story and make some notes wasn’t all too bad. I did learn a lot about Affiliate Marketing in the broad sense. However, no details yet. I was eager to get started but still didn’t know how to.

But Then…

Then I got to day 7 or 8 of the 15-Day Challenge and they started out with a bunch of video messages, testimonials, if you will. People telling the camera how this training had changed their lives completely. How there’s nothing out there on the internet like it. How they loved the realness of the programs’ approach with “no fluff”, they attested. I got an inkling of what was about to happen. But throughout the training they kept telling me how they hold themselves to a very high “integrity standard”. But then… halfway through the 15-Day Challenge, they informed me that, if I really wanted to get my hands on that Blue-print of online success I had to purchase their training, for a whopping $2500 dollars… I’ll be honest with you, I considered it. The training up until that point had been very informative and motivating and I even had a Personal Coach call me, several times over Zoom, to answer all my questions and talk me through the program. I was baffled at first. Wow all this for just $7 dollars… Yeah I was a little naïve huh.

No Thanks!

Anyway, I turned the offer down and the rest of the 15-Day Challenge was just a bunch of fluff to try to get me to buy their program. They’d offer me “Crazy” deals so I’d pay way less for it etc. But the fact they pride themselves on operating with such high levels of integrity and then kind of ambush you with their (overpriced) training, didn’t sit well with me. So I ditched the 15-Day Challenge and started looking for another way to start my online business.

Better for Less, Let’s Go!

I then stumbled up on this FREE training on a website called Commission Academy created by a guy named Dale. He teaches you about Affiliate Marketing in kind of a Blog style combined with explanatory Videos, walking you through all the motions step by step (finally!). For me this was AMAZING! I was/am so new to this MMO world that I needed to know every ‘How’ and every ‘What’, with visuals and a nice voice walking me through it all. And that’s the best way I can describe Dale’s training. Plus it’s completely FREE!


“I wanted to take this Online Business thing seriously and not half *ss it”



Start Making Your Own Website

Easy Step by Step Instructions

Dale’s Fast-Start Training operates parallelle to this other training on a website called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is in my personal opinion the best platform for people like you and me, who are new in this ‘online business world’. We need someone to hold our hand and walk us through the whole process, step by step, right? Right, and you can’t go wrong when it’s completely free to start the training and also FREE to start building your own website. But I got so motivated and excited that I quickly decided I wanted to buy my own domein, which would cost me like $13,99 p/m for one website. I then found out if you upgrade to a Premium Account on Wealthy Affiliate ($19 first month – $49,00 thereafter) you get 10 free Website Domains and all these additional website building tools. Those would’ve cost me hundreds of dollars if I had to sign up for those services individually. I know this maybe sounds a little ‘sales-pitchy’ but this is honestly how it went for me. But it’s totally up to you! You can do whatever you want and start out doing all the same things I did without upgrading to anything if you just want to test out the waters first.

I Normally Never Subscribe To Anything But…

I never subscribe to anything. I’m Dutch and we’re very skeptical people by nature haha. But after following along with the Free training on CA & WA, I was so impressed and inspired that I wanted to subscribe and upgrade to premium to get the most out of the WA platform. And I wanted to take this Online Business thing seriously and not half *ss it. I have been sick for quite a long time now and had to quit my job. So desperate to find a way to make money from home while I lie in bed most of my day, I found this. And to be completely honest with you I feel so so blessed I stumbled upon this affordable training platform to help me get where I want to be with my Online Business. I recommend you Sign Up and see for yourself how you like the Free training. And then when you’re ready to start making money with your website and really take it to the next level, you can upgrade to Premium too. If you want of course.



“It felt like walking into a surprise party when I signed up”



In My Personal Opinion The Best Training Platform Out There

The WA training itself is not pushy at all, they really leave it up to you. They provide you with all the (free) ‘step by step’ information on how to build your online business. Once you feel like this is something you’d like to do and want to take seriously, you can upgrade whenever you want. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is extremely welcoming. It felt like walking into a surprise party when I signed up. Everyone was so accommodating and willing to lend a helping hand and answer all of my questions. They’d cheer me on whenever I would share any small victory; like having my first website going live or publishing my first post on it. They will even go and visit your website and give you feedback on it, or just tell you how much they like it haha. These people are just people like you and me, who started their online business before us and are willing to share their knowledge and their experience with all the newbies. I’ve never come across anything like it to be honest. And in addition to this you even get personal coaches who are there for you 24/7. Whenever you want their advice or don’t understand something in their training, they’re always ready to help. They even answer you when you ask them something on a Sunday haha. I was so surprised when I got a message back, I was like, sorry to bother you on your Sunday but I need help with this NOW, haha.


You’re Ready! Let’s Do This!

Wow big, BIG thumbs up if you made it all the way through this post haha. I think I got a little too excited to tell you about this and maybe word-vomited it all out in this post. Apologies if some of it wasn’t even in proper English haha I am still Dutch (from the Netherlands) and only moved to the US about 3 years ago. So I thought if I can build a website, no doubt in my mind that you can do it too! If you made it this far, I KNOW you’re serious about starting your own online business. You might be looking for just a side hustle or something more like a potential main stream of income. Whatever your asperations are, if you believe you can do it, YOU WILL SUCCEED. And if you’re not sure yet but just want to test it out, you’ll soon enough figure out if this is something for you or not. And because the training itself is completely free it will only cost you your time. So if at the end of it, or halfway through you decide this isn’t for you, at least you didn’t pay bloody $2500 for it right! It will take some time and dedication to get there but that’s the beauty of creating you’re own website… No one is telling you what to do. No one is giving you any deadlines. It’s all up to you! In your own time at your own pace.

So if you haven’t clicked on any of the links yet, here are some to get you started with your FREE training to build your own website:

  1. Click Here to Start your free training on how to make money online through Affiliate Marketing
  2. Click Here to sign up to SiteRubix to create your own free website in coorperation with Wealthy Affiliate
  3. Or CLick Here to Create an Account on Wealthy affiliate and have a browse around before starting your training
  4. And last but not least, If you’re really serious about starting your online business and want to make money from it as soon as possible Click Here to start with your Premium Account wit all it’s perks and extra’s (this is the same one I have) to get you ahead of the game to start earning commissions faster in your learning process. 

Thank You

I think maybe 1% of you have actually made it this far into this post haha. But hi there! Thank you for coming to my website and trusting me to help you get started on your MMO journey. I am still learning on this same Wealthy Affiliate platform too, and have built this website with their help and guidance. You can pick literally any topic that interests you to build your website around. I hope you’ve found my website before you’d been scammed by any of those money flashing promo videos. But if that did happen to you, know that it only happened to you because you were so excited and ready to start your online business. Now you can do it for free without any hidden surprises and I truly hope you will love the process as much as me.


When you decide to purchase anything through my website I might get a small commission. This doesn’t change anything on your end, so no extra charges:) To read the full affiliate disclosure Click Here.

Again thank you for trusting me to lead you to the right way to get started on this online journey. Hopefully I will be able to visit one of your websites soon! When you do set up your website with WA, please leave a comment down below with your website’s URL so I can have a look! I can’t wait!

If this post has left you with ANY questions please feel free to comment them down below and I will get back to you ASAP!

X- Iris G.

2 thoughts on “How To Start An Online Business For Free”

    • Hey Nick,

      Thank you for your message. I would recommend choosing a niche that’s close to your own passion or knowledge. Let’s say you really like going to the gym and eating healthy, you could choose the niche about that. Try to narrow it down to a specific subject or product like; how to loose weight or how to gain muscle. Maybe you’re interests are more towards business and you can choose a niche talking about your own experience in the business world. There are endless possibilities but I recommend choosing something you like writing about. Creating a website involves a lot of content writing and if you don’t completely like the subject you’re writing about it can become really hard to publish a lot of content and build your own brand.

      I hope this comment helped you to choose your niche and please let me know if you have any other questions:)

      Have a great day Nick

      X- Iris G.


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