How to Earn Money from Home Without Investment

Getting started is always the hardest part; an exhausted cliché but also painfully true. Haven’t we all dreamed about starting our own business at least once… a day;)

Thinking you’re not up for the task; not daring to take a dive into the unknown; fearing it has to cost a small fortune to get started. These are just some of the thoughts that hold us back from starting a business for ourselves. And as silly as it sounds, these thoughts are holding back at least 95% of the people who all have the same dream. Let me be your guide to become part of that 5% who do take that first step into the unknown and will succeed because you listened to my advise and made it your mission to follow it through till success. “Why would this time be the time you do get started on a business venture and finally follow through you ask?” Well, I’m here to tell you that; getting started on your own business is achievable for literally anyone and will be completely FREE, this is going to get you over that threshold.


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Working From Anywhere at Anytime

For me it became a necessity to be able to work from home. I am only 28 years old but have been sick for at least 15 years now. It was some what manageable up until a year ago when my health started to decline rapidly. I now hardly leave the house, or bed, anymore. We keep looking for new drugs to help me but no luck so far. I still have this unstoppable drive to achieve something and to earn money for myself. I hate relying on other people in general but especially when its financially. You might have a whole other reason to want to work from home or anywhere for that matter. Whatever the reason it might be, Affiliate Marketing suits any lifestyle in any way. You are your own boss and have total say over when you work and how much you work. That said, of course you will start to earn money faster and more the more hours you put in.

Hi this is me, Iris G. Owner and Creator of this website. Feel free to ask me anything, just pop your comment or question down below. I had this photoshoot about 2 years ago when I was already not doing great but could still work a little. I miss those days… Click the image to learn more about me:)

Is Affiliate Marketing Something For Me?

You might be wondering, ‘ sure I’d love to work from home, but is affiliate marketing really something for me?’. Let me help you answer that question. Here below I have listed some characteristics of someone who would be naturally great at this. Someone who can really make a success out of this within 6 months time. I know that sounds like a lot, but don’t forget, this is all on your terms and your time. No one is telling you what to do and when. So you can keep working your day job and just start this as a side hustle. Then when you hit that 6 month mark you can start to see how much your business is growing and where you’d be in another 6 months. By that time you’ve hit the 1 year mark. By this time you should really be getting great results and income. Now you could consider leaving your other job and making your online business; full-time.


Side-note: if you don’t meet every single one of the characteristics listed below this doesn’t mean this online thing is not for you. I am simply listing a few scenarios in which you might recognize yourself, indicating that this could be very much inline with what you’re looking for. 

  1. You have some leftover time (this doesn’t have to be a lot, just an hour a day could be enough for you to start with)
  2. You hate your current job and/or income
  3. You’ve always dreamed of becoming your own boss
  4. You need some extra money
  5. you’re motivated to invest some time and a small amount of money into your new future (don’t worry, you won’t need to pay anything for the training I’m referring to, but when you want to own a website domain it costs you like $14, a year. So when I say ‘ a small investment’ I really mean a small investment;). You can also start off with a free website Right Here, just to see if it’s something you’d be interested in, before buying your own domain.
  6. You’re ready to put in the work necessary
  7. I am the worst in follow through and I had no problem with this training. It got me so motivated and excited. So no matter if you are good at following through with new projects or net, you will be fine with this training.
  8. You like writing and have little to no problem with whipping up a story about a subject you really enjoy.
  9. You don’t need any knowledge of building your own website or have any knowledge about online (affiliate) marketing. The training I refer you to (in those purple links) will literally take you through every step bit by bit, explaining every detail of the process. I was totally new to this too and their training is so easy to follow and detailed that it almost impossible to fail.
  10. You HAVE to believe in yourself. Again this might not come naturally to you, me neither, but some how you need to flip a switch in your head that this is going to be successful. You are going to make this a success and you wil just blindly have to trust that. It is crucial you do this and will help you out a lot when things will get harder. It doesn’t get that hard though haha, but there’s always a possibility you might run in to some hick-ups.

So How Do I Start?

Great question, You can start by going to the same training platform I went to and have really great experience with, Just Click Here. Or if you’re not sure, have a little browse around on my website to get a better feel of what to expect. And when you have any questions please let them know in the comments down below and I will get back to you asap! When you’re super motivated and ready to get started for real for real, than I suggest going Premium Right Here. It’s the same subscription I have and I love it so so much! It comes with 10 website domains and lot’s of extra training and tools to improve your chances for succes. BUT you don’t need it, especially if you’re just starting out and still aren’t sure this is for you. I also started with the free training first and then Upgraded to Premium.

Their FREE training just got me so excited about the whole thing that I decided to go premium but you have an equal amount of opportunity for succes if you don’t get the payed subscription ($49, per month). You can also just follow the free training and  buy yourself a website domain of like $14 per year and just follow my blog to get the information that I have access to with my subscription. On here I will be talking about all the training and stuff they offer me, just because I love sharing and helping other people. And I also know what it’s like to not be able to pay $49 a month, so I want to help you out!

Did You Get Inspired?

I really hope this article inspired you to take that first step. I like how the training on WA is completely free from start to finish, without making you pay hundreds of dollars half way through. It had happened to my before and it just makes me cringe and feel sad, haha. So don’t worry, when you start this training you will be able to finish it in peace without being bombarded by an upsell. Please tell me when I can help you with anything, I am always here as your personal coach. I will also personally welcome you once you’re signed in to the training platform and will also be available on there for any questions or guidance:)

Hope to see you on the other side and let’s connect so I can be there for you through the whole process!

X- Iris G.

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