How to Avoid all the Scams in the MMO World

Hi, that’s me up there. A real person. NOT A SCAM. haha. Through the process of getting my online business up and running, I often get comments on my Social Media accounts that it’s a scam, or that I am not the actual person in my pictures. I spend more time convincing people I’m not a scam than I actually get to help people start their own online business. This might just be a starters thing. Maybe after my accounts have been more well established, people will start to trust it more. I know there are a lot of scammers out there so I don’t blame the people who are skeptical of my presence on the internet. I hope through this way I can earn your trust a little more. I am really the person in my pictures and I do honestly have a great platform for anyone who also wants to start their own online business.

Hi, me again, Iris G. Owner and Creator of this website. To get to know me a little better Click on this image!

I fell for a Scam Too

It happened to me too. I got sucked into a great pitch and bought a 15 day challenge training for $7 dollars. So not much lost there, plus the information they provided to my for that $7 wasn’t all that bad either. Halfway through that training they had earned my trust. Up until that point their training was very convincing and thorough but they did however left me with the question; “so when do I get to start and how’. It all sounded great and manageable so I was really eager to get started. They kept saying; “we’ll get to the actual step by step explanation further into the training so sit tight”. So I did. And then… I got to the part they had promised me all along, the actual, step by step, explanation to start your own online business… $2500 is what they asked for their training… $2500!!! What?! No thanks. If you’re interested in the whole story and what training platform this was Click Here to read my full experience and opinion. The worst part is, they were so convincing the whole way up until that point, I actually found myself considering it. I almost payed $2500 for their training!

Luckily I Didn’t

Thank goodness I didn’t go through with it and ended up abandoning this training and its platform. They kept saying how highly they valued the integrity of their platform. In my eyes you don’t lure in people with a $7 training to then spring a $2500 follow-up training on them. That step is way too big. If it had been $200 I would have totally bought it, because they did have a great story and a lot of great reviews. I still felt motivated to start my own online business so I started looking for different ways to make this happen. I then stumbled upon a very honest, open and helpful platform called Wealthy Affiliate. What really made me choose this platform, over any of the others, was their completely free training. All the things that the other platform promised to give me for that $2500, was now offered to me for FREE. You can imagine my relief knowing I didn’t just spend all that money while the information is out there for freaking $0!

Is It Worth It Or Is It A Scam

I have to say, it’s not always that easy to tell, if something is a scam or not. A lot of times it is, but there’s a fine line between helpful information and a scam. There’s almost no way in knowing if the information you’re getting is worth the money. That’s way I love the platform I joined now. The offer their total training where the giver very detailed and helpful information to get you (newbies) started on setting up your own online affiliate business. The fact they give you the whole raining from A to Z for absolutely nothing is a great start for anyone who is new to this. It gives you the ability to say; “hey this might not be something for me”, and you’re done. You didn’t invest any money but got the opportunity to see if it is something for you. I love that. So now I am recommending it to people and they all make up their mind as soon as they see the words, ‘Free training for Online Marketing’, and assume it’s a scam. And I get it. I think there are more scams on the internet than there are legitimate people and platforms.

I Am Only Trying To Help

Even though I am only trying to help, a lot of people see my content as a scam. I hope with time this will change and I guess percistance is key, like all the other things in the MMO world.  You need to be willing to put in the work. To blindly trust your abilities to make it a succes. But it won’t be an instance succes. Any person or platform who tries to sell you instance succes is a scam. Anything worth having will cost you a decent amount of time, patience and a little bit of money. Like my website costs me $14 a year. I think we can all swing that investment right?

Are You Willing To Put In The Effort?

Because I spend most of my time sick in bed and am not able to work, in the more conventional way, I take this MMO business very seriously. The amount of time, effort and money you spend on your online business all depends on how you view this opportunity. Is it just a side-hustle? Do you want it to become your main stream of income? Are you a stay at home mom and you don’t want to leave the house and kids but you do want to earn a little extra money to help pay the bills. These are all different views on the same outcome. Because no matter your situation, we all want the outcome to be success.  And the more time and effort you put into it, the more successful you will be at it. Don’t expect to put in half the effort and that the maximum amount of success in return. No matter your situation, you all have to be willing to put in the effort and be patient while you work hard in those first few months.

You Gotta Have Faith & Patience

It won’t be super easy. We, as a generation, are so used to seeing instant results with minimal input. That is not how you build a successful business; online or anywhere else for that matter. I know, I want to get rich while I’m sleeping too. And this is not an impossible goal. When you set up any business you always have to opportunity to make it into passive income once you’ve made it into a succes. Let’s say this website becomes a great source of income for me after putting in a lot of my own time and effort. Once it’s generating a stable income, I could pay writers to write my blogposts and create social media posts. By outsourcing these tasks I no longer have to do them myself but it’s still earing me an income, thus I’ve created a passive income. It will earn me money while I sleep, play golf, hang out with friends etc. But I only get to that point by putting in the work and effort now. Any platform or person trying to sell you an immediate passive income strategy is a scam. Sorry to burst you bubble, but it will save you a lot of money when you know these things.

Going Premium on WA

I decided to upgrade my free membership at Wealthy Affiliate to a Premium one. I take this online marketing business very seriously. I have a chronic illness and although I have tried many times, my body is not able to sustain a normal 9-5 kind of job. So, desperate to find a way to work from home on my own terms and timeline, I decided to go premium. Wat this entails is basically the ability to own 10 websites (own domains), get acces to more trainings and tools to set up my websites and generate organic traffic. I now pay $49 a month for those perks and extras and personally I find it completely worth it. Plus if you end up not liking the premium membership and don’t think it’s worth your money you can cancel your premium membership any time. I know I sound like a sales person now but I’m just trying to draw an accurate picture of what you can expect when you go premium. Basically your online business will grow quicker the more you know how to work the system. And how to get to know these tips and tricks is by going premium. BUT you don’t have to. You can easily follow along the free training and get the same results in the end, I just know this is something I want to do, I want all the tips and tricks to create the best opportunity for succes.


Did I help?

I hope this post has found you before the scams have got to you. But don’t worry, we’ve all been there! The most important thing is how you continue from now on. Are you going to skip this opportunity and keep searching for that ‘get rich quick’ unicorn? I wanted to share my own experience and I hope I’ve helped some people get to the right side of the MMO internet. If you have any questions about this post or anything related, let me know down below in the comments:)

Thank you so much for visiting my website, have a little browse around on here for some more quility information on how to get started with MMO (Make Money Online).

X- Iris G.

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