How Can I Start an Online Business for Free?

Hi, I’m Iris G. Owner & Creator of this website. I am from the Netherlands but recently moved to the US. I fell ill a couple of years ago and it turned into a chronic type of thing. So now I can’t work a 9-5 job or anything that’s not doable from home. I hate wasting time and just sitting still so I started looking for ways to make money from home. I stumbled upon a few different things and maybe 90% of them were just all very ‘scammy’.

Starting an Online Business Shouldn’t Have to Cost You Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars

A lot of online training platforms will ask hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to get you started on creating an online business. Anyone who’s chronically ill like me, or has other reasons they can’t work a normal job, won’t have that kind of money. And even if you do, I personally don’t think you should have to pay that amount of money for knowledge that’s already out there anyways. It just takes you a little while to know what to look for. When I got further into my research, and dodged all those scams, I finally stumbled upon this free Training Platform. The whole training from A to Z is free. Unlike 99% of all those other training platforms out there, this training website is actually completely free from start to finish, not just half of it.

Hi, that’s me, Iris G. I used to be a model, but now I can’t do that anymore. I never really loved modelling anyways haha, I like making websites waaay better:). To read a little bit more about me Click on the image!


Save Your Time & Money and Don’t Get Scammed!

So many times I would start a training, get really excited about it and then when it came to the actual step by step instructions, you’d have to subscribe and pay hundreds of dollars to be able to continue the training. Mean, mean, mean! So I hope you found my website before having to go through all of those same annoying setbacks. When you start your training on WA you’ll instantly feel at ease and know it’s not a scam. I was so relieved when I found this platform. I was welcomed by everyone on there with open arms and still today everyone is so kind and helpful. You’ll experience the same thing, no doubt.

I am A True Millennial

There are people who preform great under pressure and thrive on having deadlines and stack-packed schedules. I am not one of those people. I am the opposite. Besides the fact I’m chronically ill, I’ve never liked the conventional way of working. Stress makes me crumble into an emotional mess haha. I get easily frustrated and irritable when pressure is put on me and I end up feeling like a failure. Which I’m not, I just don’t thrive in that conventional sort of workspace. I know that sounds super Gen-Z of me, even though I’m a Gen-Y/Millennial. But I feel like a lot of young(er) people are sharing this same feeling. I don’t know why we are so sensitive and prone to crumble under pressure, it’s just not the environment we tend to thrive in.

I Went Premium After the First Week

But You Don’t Have To, to Become Successful at MMO

I actually ended up upgrading to premium still within the first training level, for a monthly fee of $19 dollars the first month and $49 a month thereafter. I got so excited about building multiple online businesses, and seeing as I’m a total newb in this, I wanted (needed) all the help I could get. I now have access to lots of extra training and tools to improve my website and increase the flow of traffic coming to them. But if you just want to do this as a side hustle and are not willing or able to pay $49 a month for those extra’s; it’s not like you won’t be able to do this successfully. But if you’re like me and are really serious about making this your main stream of income and you make the decision to shop a little less for shoes and invest that $49 bucks into your future I totally recommend you do. But again it’s not necessary and you can be equally successful without the Premium subscription🙂

What To Expect From The Free Training On WA

Maybe you’re still not sure if this training is something for you and you just want a few more details before getting started. I made you a list of some of the things you will come across in this training. So you’ll get an idea of what to expect and you can confidently start your training… maybe even today?:)

10 Things You Can Expect

  1. First they’ll introduce themselves ( the founders of the website and training).
  2. They will give you a quick run down of how Affiliate Marketing works and how it can earn you revenue (an income).
  3. You don’t have to be an Expert on anything, you can choose any subject you want, to build your website around.
  4. The trainers AND other trainees will be there to answer any questions you have along the way. So it’s impossible to get stuck.
  5. You get little tasks to do so you’re actually setting everything up while going through the training.
  6. They use explanatory videos to walk you through everything step by step (I found this super helpful).
  7. They are very transparant when it comes to how the ‘money making’ part of it all works and they’ll explain it all to you in depth.
  8. Wealthy Affiliate is a very interactive platform, everyone helps everyone and they all cheer you on.
  9. They will literally help you with every step to building a profitable website. They leave no stone unturned.
  10. They will explain to you the difference between owning your own website domain (without premium that’s like +/- $14 p/m) or creating a free website. They will always give you all the information but never push you to do or buy something.

Thank You

Thank you for  visiting my website, I really hope you found my website before getting sucked into any of those scams out there. Maybe this post has helped you get the confidents and motivation to start your own online business. If you have any questions for me I’d love to answer them down below in the comments. When you don’t have any questions but would like to leave a comment about this post feel free to leave those down below too! I don’t shy away from criticism or advice. I am still learning every day and am by no means an expert on anything (yet;)


When you decide to purchase anything through my website I might get a small commission. This doesn’t change anything on your end, so no extra charges:) To read the full affiliate disclosure Click Here.


I Hope to see you make that first step towards financial freedom and sign up to your FREE training today!

K, bye!

X- Iris G.

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