How Can I Start An Online Business For Free

Short and simple answer: YES. You can start an online business for free. But make sure that the training platform you’re choosing is legitimate. Most of them claim to offer you free training and halfway through the training when you’ve already invested quite some time and effort into it; they’ll start to ask money for the rest of the training. I’ve run into it myself. I started a training for only $7 dollars and I was like; wauw this is such a great training for only $7. Oh naïve little me. What? I was new at it too!

Halfway through that training I had to pay $2500 to finish the trainging and to get the real info on how to get started. They got me so excited and ready to start that I almost did it. I almost payed $2500 to get started on an online business. Luckily I didn’t and started googling some other training platforms. I hope you did the same thing and didn’t pay hundreds or thousands for information that’s out there for free.

Start For Free Today 

If you’ve not been sucked into any scams or disappointments yet, horary! And when you might have been, don’t worry; you’ve finally come to the right place. I’m not trying to sell you anything. I am trying to establish a presence in this ginormous pool of water called the internet to spread the word; Information about starting an online business shouldn’t have to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. I stumbled upon a great platform after doing some research and they offer their whole entire training for free. I was so stunned at first and I was almost waiting for the catch. But there wasn’t any. They didn’t spring an overpriced other half of the training, there were zero surprises or hidden fees. And this magical place is called ‘Wealthy Affiliate’.

Start Your Online Business Without Investment

You can set up a whole online business following their free training. I was absolutely certain I was going to make this my job and my main source of income so I decided to go for a premium account when I finished my free training. This doesn’t mean you can’t be successful without that premium upgrade, I would say you can be equally as successful as without a premium account but it just kind of speeds up the process. So let’s say you have absolutely no money to invest, you can just keep growing your online business for free and if you do have $49 a month to invest, I would totally recommend it. It gave me some extra training and tools to grow my business faster. But I like how they still offer you a lot for free and still give you enough tools and training to also make your online business successful for free.

It’s Like A Little Family

When I was 2 months into the training I had already an income (ok don’t laugh it’s not a lot) of $75 a month. I know that sounds as nothing but at least I already made my money back for my monthly subscription. My business is still growing every day and I still spend a lot of time on Wealthy Affiliate. It has a great community too. Especially when you’re first starting out, you have a lot of questions. Even though the training is really easy, there are still things you might run into. On that WA platform you can ask a question whenever you want and the members on there will answer it for you and help you with anything you need. I felt so seen and heard on there. I’ve never had that kind of experience before. Especially not with an online space. It really feels like it’s a little family of people, helping you, rooting for you and guiding you towards success.

We’re In This Together

I truly hope you’ve found my website before you got entangled in any scam or pricy training platforms. When you sign up (also for free) I will  be right there with you to guide you and help you with any questions or any needs you might have. I am so excited to have this as my job now and I want to help anyone achieve their success too. Working from home or where ever you want just gives you so much freedom. I love it.

If you have any questions before you want to sigh up with Wealthy Affiliate, please don’t hesitate and comment them down below and I will get back to you asap! I genuinely hope to see you on WA and we can hang out on there together and be successful together:)

Hope you have a lovely day and if you don’t have any questions but just want to leave me message, please do because I love interacting with my visitors!

X- Iris G.

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