Get Yourself In The Right Mindset!

Step one: get yourself into that winners mentality! I just read a blog post by someone who shared he had been part of  the online marketing Platform; Wealthy Affiliate, for 3 years now and never really took action. He is now kicking himself for not taking action sooner.

The Enemy

I think we all can agree it’s hard from time to time to keep going without any certainty it will pay off later on. But not starting is the worst thing to do after giving up once you did start. Avoiding the enemy is hard, with the enemy being; procrastination and throwing in the towel. If you fail along the way there’s nothing wrong with that and is actually encouraged, because that’s how we learn. No one ever became successful with procrastination and/or giving up. I know that sounds pretty obvious, but you’d be shocked when you’d know the percentage of people who threw in the towel along the way or never even started. It’s the ones who aren’t afraid to believe in themselves and not afraid of failure. The road to success is never a straight line, but as long that line keeps moving you’re doing the right thing.


Get Your Head In The Game

I just wanted to share a line with you all that I wrote a while back in one of my posts about getting started in the online business world. In this post I talked about; getting into the right mindset and how crucial it is to have the right mindset in order to achieve success. I talked about that strong mindset being your foundation to succes and without it you are inevitably going to fail. As harsh as that may sound, it is painfully true and should be your number one priority when you start your online business.
The line goes as followed:

“Without this unconditional belief in yourself and dedication, you won’t make it through the training. In other words; starting it without that foundation is like starting an ice-cream shop without a freezer. You can want it all you want but your ice-cream is destined to melt and your business was destined to fail from the beginning”


Just A Little Encouragement

I hope that this little peptalk may help a few of you who are struggling with keeping that winners mentality strong. YOU are the foundation of your business & your succes. Without you believing in it unconditionally, what else will get you there? Nothing and nobody. YOU will get you there and only YOU can make it successful. Get your head in the game! Put all your belief in yourself and keep going, keep creating and keep focused. THAT is going to make you successful, nothing else and no one else.
I truly hope this post will give some of you doubters a kick up the buttocks to keep going and stop procrastinating.

Start Today, You won’t Regret It

If you haven’t started any training for online marketing yet I highly recommend This One Here, I am personally part of it myself and love this platform so so much. Their training is completely free and is very easy to follow, especially for a beginner. They give easy step by step instructions, which was exactly what I needed as a total online marketing newb. If you’re like me and like to try things out for free instead of paying top dollar for the exact same information, then I definitely recommend having a look at The Training Right Here.
DO let me know what you think of the training or if you have any questions. I remember having a ton of questions along the way because literally every aspect of the whole process was totally new to me. You can actually ask your questions on that platform too and within minutes you have other WA members giving you all the answers, I was so shocked about the instant responses and the kindness of everyone on there. They welcome you like you’re part of this little WA family and I can honestly say that was exactly what I needed at that time in my life.


Thank you for coming to my Ted talk haha, have a great and productive rest of your week you all!

X- Iris G.

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