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We can all use some extra cash, right? And wouldn’t it be great if you can do that from home. A little work here and there and make some extra money on the side. You can also grow your business to the point where you can stop working your day job and solely focus on your online job.

I will show you the best online marketing training you can find. Just Click Here to go to the training and start whenever you want. It’s totally free, not just to start but also to finish. A lot of places will offer you a free training but halfway through they will ask you to pay for the rest of the training. You don’t need to worry about this happening with this free training.

What You Can Expect

What can you expect from the free training? They will ease you in and start with an introduction.

The Online Money Making technique they will be talking about is ‘Affiliate Marketing’. There are hundreds of ways to make money online, so if you had your mind set on a different technique like Drop-shipping or Streaming your games etc. This post won’t help you much haha. But if you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, then keep reading. You might even take it one step further today and sign up to the exact same FREE training platform that coached me in setting up this website. I now earn money through Affiliate Marketing from the comfort of my own home… usually my bed, to be real with you hehe.

“If you take away just one thing from this post, I want it to be this: If anyone tries to convince you that their training or their “secret” program is going to make you rich overnight, run for the f*$king hills my friend! Just like 99% in life, it requires time and effort to get something out of it”  

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m Iris G. I won’t bore you with my whole life story, but I just wanted to introduce myself as your new online bestie:) For more personal information about me, click on the picture above. I’m going to help you get started with your own online business without trying to sell you crazy deals or provoke you with outrages promises. I’ve seen so many videos of people telling you, “you could make $20,000 dollars in the next month!” And don’t get me wrong, this is definitely achievable (eventually). But they’re either going to ask you for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for their training coarse. Or it’s a scam. I, myself got sucked into one of those when I first started looking into how to make money online.

Start Making Your Own Website

Easy Step by Step Instructions

The training I will send you to is on a website called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is in my personal opinion the best platform for people like you and me, who are new in this ‘online business world’. We need someone to hold our hand and walk us through the whole process, step by step, right? Right, and you can’t go wrong when it’s completely free to start the training and also FREE to start building your own website. But I got so motivated and excited that I quickly decided I wanted to buy my own domain, which would cost me like $13,99 p/m for one website. I then found out if you upgrade to a Premium Account on Wealthy Affiliate ($19 first month – $49,00 thereafter) you get 10 free Website Domains and all these additional website building tools. Those would’ve cost me hundreds of dollars if I had to sign up for those services individually. I know this maybe sounds a little ‘sales-pitchy’ but this is honestly how it went for me. But it’s totally up to you! You can do whatever you want and start out doing all the same things I did without upgrading to anything if you just want to test out the waters first.

I Normally Never Subscribe To Anything But…

I never subscribe to anything. I’m Dutch and we’re very skeptical people by nature haha. But after following along with the Free training on CA & WA, I was so impressed and inspired that I wanted to subscribe and upgrade to premium to get the most out of the WA platform. And I wanted to take this Online Business thing seriously and not half *ss it. I have been sick for quite a long time now and had to quit my job. So desperate to find a way to make money from home while I lie in bed most of my day, I found this. And to be completely honest with you I feel so so blessed I stumbled upon this affordable training platform to help me get where I want to be with my Online Business. I recommend you Sign Up and see for yourself how you like the Free training. And then when you’re ready to start making money with your website and really take it to the next level, you can upgrade to Premium too. If you want of course.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting my website, I really hope you found my website before getting sucked into any of those scams out there. I really hope this post has helped you get the confidents and motivation to start your own online business. If you have any questions for me I’d love to answer them down below in the comments. When you don’t have any questions but would like to leave a comment about this post feel free to leave those down below too! I don’t shy away from criticism or advice. I am still learning every day and am by no means an expert on anything (yet;)

X Iris G.

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