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Maybe you’ve already heard of affiliate marketing before or maybe you’re completely new to the concept, either way, you’ve come to the right place.  I’m not trying to sell you anything and I am all about getting the right information, for free, to people who are really motivated and ready to start this online business journey with me.

Hi, my name is Iris G. Owner & Creator of this website and I will be walking you through the first few steps of setting up an online business in affiliate marketing. I will then ship you off towards the best and also Free online training which I also followed when I first started. I don’t think, no I know, there isn’t a better free course out there for affiliate newbies.

Let’s Get You Started

First I want you to get ready to start this training and I want to prepare you for all the things that will  come at you in this training. It will be a lot and it might be a little overwhelming but no one is timing you with a stopwatch so just remember to keep your own pace in this journey.

I will get you ready for some of the lingo, so you know exactly what they are talking about. And some other aspects that you will encounter. And having that extra little preparation will make you feel a lot more confident when you finally start your actual Online Training at Wealthy Affiliate. 

Do you feel like you don’t need any prep & you just want to start with the training right away? Be my guest and just click this link to go straight to the Free Online Affiliate training!

List Of Terms You Want To Know Before Getting Started

I thought it would be very helpful to get to know a little more about all the (new) terms they use in the WA Training. When you’re already familiar with these terms you’re going to be able to follow along with the training a lot better and with more confidents. Don’t worry if you don’t know most of these terms, I will be explaining each and everyone of them down below.

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a long one, I mean this article, did I make that clear? I am Ducth, my English no so good all tha time;)

  1. MMO
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. WA – Wealthy Affiliate
  4. Niche
  5. Affiliate links
  6. Free Rubix Website or Your Own Website Domain
  7. Revenue
  8. Premium Membership
  9. Content (Creation)
  10. Google Tag Manager
  11. Google Search Console
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Traffic
  14. WordPress
  15. Plug-ins
  16. AIO SEO
  17. Header Footer Plug In
  18. Engagement
  19. Rankings
  20. Search Engines
  21. Key Words
  22. Jaaxy
  23. Website Feedback
  24. Low Hanging Fruit Technique
  25. Alphabet Soup Technique


Mmo stands for; Making Money Online. This is kind of a collective name for all the different ways you can make money online. And one of those ways is Affiliate Marketing and that’s what were going to dive deeper in today. Affiliate marketing is also the focus point of that free training on WA I keep droning on about;)

Affiliate Marketing

What even is Affiliate marketing, maybe you’ve not even ever heard of  it or you need a little refresher on this topic. The way I always explain or define Affiliate Marketing is that you’re trying to bring the right kind of audience to the right kind of product or service. Like with my other website, I talk about Laser Hair Removal & Skin Care. I try to help people by answering questions the might have about those two topics and give them reviews of products I use and love.

To see an example of a website like that just visit my other website called: Have A little look on there and think about how you’re website could look like when you eventually go to that Free Training and start to build your own website.

WA – Wealthy Affiliate

This is the name of the platform I talk about. WA really walks you through every single step so you really don’t need any experience to be able to set up your website, they basically almost do it for you.


The term Niche is just a fancy word of saying; a narrowed down version of a subject. So let’s say the subject of my other website is beauty and my niche of that website is laser hair removal and skin care. So what you want to try is to find a particular product or service that you are passionate about and that will become your niche. I strongly suggest to pick a niche about something you’re already familiar with because you are going to write a lot of content about that topic to build your website.

Affiliate Links

Ok so under Affiliate Marketing I already explained how it works in a nutshell but how do you eventually make money off of building a website then? Well the answer to that is: Affiliate Links. You can find affiliate links in a lot of different places online. You can just google the words: ‘affiliate programs’, and you will find lots of programs for you to choose from.

The way an affiliate link works is by you posting an affiliate link onto, let’s say; your new website, and through people googling your niche subject they find your website and they click on one of those affiliate links, maybe in the form of a product image or just an URL. The website visitor will then become a costumer and you will recieve a percentage off of that link they followed.


Still finding it hard to understand? Let me show it to you. Below here you see an image of one of my favorite skin care products and when you click on that you will be taken to that product within Amazon. I previously signed up to the Amazon’s Affiliate Program and that is how I got that link. Now when you click on that image and you end up buying it or even when you don’t end up buying that CeraVe SPF but you do end up buying some new pares of socks, I get a commission off of your purchase. you see?


Free Rubix Website or Your Own Website Domain

So in the training you can start off with a free Rubix Website domein or you can choose to purchase your own website domein. I would strongly suggest to go for your own website domein as it only is $14 per YEAR, so basically nothing and it will help you get free traffic to your website a lot better and quicker. With a free website you can’t really make money off of it so that’s mainly why I would suggest to go for your won domain.

But if you’re not yet sure about affiliate marketing being something for you, you can start off with a free domein and once you’re a bit more sure this is something you want to persue you can always jump over to your own domein so don’t worry if you want to first try it for free.


Revenue is the money you make from your affiliate links:)

Premium Membership

One week into the training I went for the Premium Membership because I was/am really serious about becoming successful at this affiliate business business:) With a premium membership you get a lot of extra’s like 10 web domains you can use, a lot more training and 24/7 web and training support. A lot more extra’s come into play when you go premium but if you’re only interested in building a free blog for fun it might not add much to it.

But if you’re interested in making money with your website I would strongly suggest you go premium. Your website will be successful a lot quicker and you’ll be making money within months.

I started to make money with my website in my second month of going premium which is $19 the first month and $49 the months thereafter.

Content (Creation)

So the main focus of becoming successful with affiliate marketing is by creating content, lots and lots of content. So if you don’t like writing or writing reviews this might not be the best career path for you. Like this post, you’ll be writing about the niche you chose and you want to aim to at least publish 3 to 4 posts per week if you want your business to grow fast.  The more articles you write the more and quicker you’ll start to make money off of it.

Google Tag Manager

To be able to be found by google  you want to set up 2 things within your google account, don’t have a google account yet? You want to make an account before setting anything up. First you want to tell google about your website by integrating a tag within your website. just google: google tag manager and they will walk you through the process of setting up your tag. for even more step by step instructions to get this all working and set up just follow the steps in that free training from wealthy affiliate.

Google Search Console

When you’ve set up your website and you’re writing content  on it you want your content to get ranked in google, but first you need to be able to be found by google. You just installed a tag on your website in the step above so now google knows about the existence of your website. Now you want to set up your Google Search Console so you can see the engagement of visitors on your website.

Google Analytics

you’ll be setting up your google search console and google tag manager through your google analytics account. To find more instructions about getting this ready and working follow the steps in the free training on WA. I know I am repeating myself haha but they have done such a good job of walking you through the steps that I wouldn’t do it much justice if I tried to do it for you.


Traffic is the term they use for the visitors that will come to your website. By creating posts, like this one, you’re creating a way to attract visitors to your website.


WordPress will be the host of your website and the place you will build your website on. It has made the process of building a webiste so easy that literally anyone can do it.


Within WordPress you are going to want to download some plug-ins with the most important one All In One SEO. This plugin will be further explained after this one. Plug-ins are just tools to help you build your website. In the training they will explain which plug in you need and which ones to ignore.

All In One (AIO) SEO

Is one of the crucial plug-ins you want to download within your WordPress website Host. This tool will help you make content for search engines like google. It will give you a score from 1 to 100 to imply how well your post will do within a search engine like google and yahoo etc. You want to aim for a score between 94 and 100.

Header & Footer Plug-In

This plug in will help you get your tag from google tag manager installed within your website code. It’s a lot easier to use this plug in instead of trying to find the right place in your website’s back end. When you’re going to change things in your website’s code you could brake it beyond repair. So this plug in will shield you from that and will make it a lot easier to connect your website to your google analytics account.


This term is used to show you the visitor’s behavior on your website. Within your google analytics account you can click on a tap called ‘engagement’ and it will show you analytics like how long a visitor normally stays on your website or how many clicks they preform etc.


In affiliate marketing it’s all about your rankings within the search engines like google. Through creating high quality content you will climb the ladder of the rankings of google but you do need some patience. A new website doesn’t get ranked very high initially. You really  need to put in the work and publish as much as you can to be able to climb that ranking ladder and eventually when google trusts your presents enough it will rank you higher and higher.

Your aim is to get on that first page in a google search result. Because thing about your own search behavior, do you ever click further than the first page whenever you are looking for something? Exactly you don’t. So your website is not getting much traffic as long as it’s not ranking on the first page. This takes time and dedication. Just keep going, keep creating and don’t give up.

Search Engines

I’ve used this term already a few times and I think by now you know what I mean by that but if you were still wondering, search engines are the places people go when they have a question. Like: Google, Yahoo, Bing. This also mens that whatever your niche is you always want to target your content to answer people’s questions.

Think about what people might google and what their question might be and build content around that question. That’s what will get ranked and that’s how people will find your website.

Key Words

Key words are the backbone of your business. These are the words that people search for and that is what you will use to create your content around. Want to know what people are searching for and how often those key words are being googled? There is this tool called Jaaxy that will show you exactly how many people per month search for that key word (or key phrase) and it will also show you how many other website have already built content for it.


You want to choose a key word or phrase that doesn’t have too many competitors because chances are you’re not going to get on top in the search results if there are 300 other websites already targeting that keyword. This Jaaxy tool will come for free in your Premium Account. If you don’t have a premium account it will cost you more than $100 to use this tool, so definitely worth going Premium if you ask me.

Website Feedback

When you’re part of the WA family you can ask for feedback on your website within your WA account. This was people who already know a thing or two about building websites can give you valuable feedback that you can use to make your website better.

Low Hanging Fruit Technique

We briefly already sort of touched on this under the header; Jaaxy. With this tool you will be able to type in a search word of phrase and it will show you various results of that search. It will also show you how many times this is being searched for and how many other websites are currently offering content about that key phrase or key word.

The low hanging fruit technique just means that you want to choose the key words/phrases that have a nice amount of searches per month but a low competitors rate, like under a 100. This is how you will climb that search engine ladder a lot quicker.

Alphabet Soup Technique

This technique will help you come up with article ideas. What this entails is pretty simple, you go to google and type in your niche and after your niche subject you type in the letter ‘A’ and just see what comes up, after that you can repeat the same technique wit the letter ‘B’, ‘C’ and so forth. This way you will never run out of idea’s for posts.

PFFFEW, You Made IT!

We did it, we got through all that and now your are more than ready to start your online training at WA! Now you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about but don’t worry the training is really not that hard but it was really smart of you to do some research beforehand. No doubt in my mind that you are going to crush this training and build a successful online business!

It was a pleasure having you on my website and please don’t hesitate to leave any questions down in the comment section below. Let me know if you chose to start your training and how it is going. I loved following that training and I bet you will too!

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