Easy Way To Earn Money Online

Answer to your question is: write a blog about something you find interesting and attach affiliate links to your blog, tada; you’re now making money of off your blog. Of course there’s a little more to it than just that. But the base line is just that. Write about something (a product or service or both) which you already have some knowledge or affinity with and attach Affiliate links to those posts and that’s how you make money.

What Are Affiliate Links?

Let me start out by explaining how affiliate marketing actually works. Affiliate Marketing is basically bringing the right kind of audience (buyers) to the right kind of products. Let me brake it down for you. Let’s say John is looking for a new laptop and starts his laptop hunt on the internet. He has narrowed it down to two different laptops that fit his want and needs. He might want to read some reviews on those two laptops, to get a better idea of which one he will eventually buy. He will type in a question with the name of the laptop etc. He will then click on one or more of what came up after his (google) search.

Hi, this is me, Iris G. Owner & Creator of this website and another one called 4eversilky.com. To get to know me a little better click on this image to read more about my personal story:)

Create Your Own Website Right Here

By creating a website, like I did (right here) targeting a certain product; you’re building a space where people will come to for information, reviews an/or advice. Let’s say I chose the niche “Laptops”, and John finds my website after his (google) search. Let’s say he finally made up his mind about which laptop to buy after reading my review. And because my website offers him a link to Amazon anyways, he ends up buying his laptop by clicking on the link or maybe even the actual laptop he was going to buy anyways. This purchase was made through “my hypothetical website” and I now would get a commission of that sale, without John having to pay anything extra.

John Is Making Money Now

So what my hypothetical website just did for John, was bringing the right kind of audience (John) to the right kind of product (the Laptop). Not just John might be wondering about which laptop to buy, there are thousands, millions of people who are looking for more information and/or reviews on products before they actually buy it.


First Things First

First thing you want to do is choose your ‘niche’. Niche is just a fancy way of saying; the topic you’re going to write about. for instance the niche of this website is mmo = making money online. More specifically; affiliate marketing. The Niche of my other website, you know, the one called 4eversilky.com is about Laser Hair Removal & Skin Care. I had a hard time just sticking to one of them and just had to combine them. But in the training I followed (which is free btw) they did emphasize on the fact you should stay really close to your Niche and not venture outside of it too much. I am stubborn so I ventured out…. But hey, I still made it work so who’s to say that was the wrong thing to do haha. If you’re thinking of maybe also doing this as your job and you want to follow the same (free) training I did than Click Here to get started and I will help you every step of the way:)

Start Your Online Business Without Investment

You can set up a whole online business following their free training. I was absolutely certain I was going to make this my job and my main source of income so I decided to go for a premium account when I finished my free training. This doesn’t mean you can’t be successful without that premium upgrade, I would say you can be equally as successful as without a premium account but it just kind of speeds up the process. So let’s say you have absolutely no money to invest, you can just keep growing your online business for free and if you do have $49 a month to invest, I would totally recommend it. It gave me some extra training and tools to grow my business faster. But I like how they still offer you a lot for free and still give you enough tools and training to also make your online business successful for free.

We’re In This Together

I truly hope you’ve found my website before you got entangled in any scam or pricy training platforms. When you sign up (also for free) I will  be right there with you to guide you and help you with any questions or any needs you might have. I am so excited to have this as my job now and I want to help anyone achieve their success too. Working from home or where ever you want just gives you so much freedom. I love it.

If you have any questions before you want to sigh up with Wealthy Affiliate, please don’t hesitate and comment them down below and I will get back to you asap! I genuinely hope to see you on WA and we can hang out on there together and be successful together:)

Hope you have a lovely day and if you don’t have any questions but just want to leave me message, please do because I love interacting with my visitors!

X- Iris G.

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